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Pictured Above: What remains of the previous play area


Play4All.MertonProject is a grassroots initiative that aims to reduce inequalities and barriers to play and physical activity faced by the HWHC community. 

Play4All.MertonProject will build playground and recreational space in the HWHC courtyard. Time and time again, it has been proven that integrating play and physical activity into one's daily routine can boost levels of positive mental and physical health. Despite this fact, nearly 60% of persons from low-income, minority, and refugee households face barriers when attempting  to access physical activity or recreational spaces. Similarly, over 60% of persons serviced by HWHC are from minority, newcomer, and low-income to medium-income households.  In lieu of these statistics, Play4All.MertonProject  aims to reduce barriers to physical activity experienced by children, youth, and families in the HWHC community.

Through introducing a recreational space to the HWHC community, Play4All.MertonProject will: 

        • Provide families who face barriers to physical activity with a free and accessible                           recreational space to keep active
       •  Increase accessibility to sensory stimulating recreational spaces to persons with                          physical and cognitive limitations
       •  Decrease inequalities to play and optimal physical and mental health faced by                            marginalized populations
       •  Increase quality of life while empowering individuals in the HWHC community

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Did you know...

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Nearly 60% of Canadian children do not get the daily recommended amount of physical activity


Only 31% of Canadian youth aged 12 to 17 get enough daily physical activity

$2.1 Billion

$2,100,000,000.00 Canadian dollars will be spent on health-related problems as a result of physical inactivity and/or obesity

6 hours

Canadian children spend an hours of 6 hours a day watching TV, surfing the net, and playing videogames. That equates to almost as much as ONE work day for the average adult!


98% of Canadians agree that parks and recreational services benefit the community and are essential to quality of life


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