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Meet our Community

Your donation will have a direct impact on a community that needs it. Your donation will gives families a place to bond with their children. 

Meet one of the amazing young families your donation will help

" I’ve been living in this building for almost 10 years now. When I heard that the old playground was getting torn down it made me sad. I felt like it was a safe place, a place where so many memories were made in so many ways for so many people in the building. I decided to join our Playground Committee in hopes of getting a new playground for the kids of today and the next generation. Little did I realize that the next generation is me. I recently found out that I’m pregnant, and now this playground has extra meaning to me - in the very near future it’ll be me taking my own kids to the playground to play. It will mean a lot when I can tell my future kids that I had something to do with the playground that they’re playing in. That I thought of them even before I knew my child existed. How I washed cars, baked cupcakes, and posted signs to raise funds and awareness to help build a playground that they are playing on. This is where not only  where they will make new memories but also where they will build new friendships".

Sara G.

Community Member since 2010