Who Are We?

We are Hospital Workers Housing Co-operative (HWHC) and we are on a mission to build a playground for the children of this community.

Our Vision 

To Unite a Community through Play.

Our Mission 

Play4All Merton Project aims to reduce barriers to physical activity experienced by children, youth, and families in the HWHC community by raising funds to build a play structure and shed light on the importance of play.

Our History

Past Play Structure Demolished 

October 2018 

The previous play structure is removed due to safety violations and maintenance issues. 

Creation of the Project

March 2019 

Hospital Workers Housing Co-op board members create the Play4All Merton Project in hopes of building a play structure to strengthen the ties of a community. 

Our Team Grows 

July 2020

Our team grows with the addition of five interns to help us raise brand awareness, manage our social media accounts, fulfill administrative duties and organize our events.



We began campaigning, fundraising and spreading awareness about our cause to ensure that the members in our community Live Long, Laugh Always and Play Forever.  

Learn more about the project. 

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