Pictured Above: What remains of the previous play area


Play4All.MertonProject is a grassroots initiative that aims to reduce inequalities and barriers to play and physical activity faced by the HWHC community. 

Play4All.MertonProject aims to build a playground and recreational space in the HWHC courtyard. Time and time again, it has been proven that integrating play and physical activity into one's daily routine can boost levels of positive mental and physical health.

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Look At The Numbers

Play4All.MertonProject aims to reduce barriers to physical activity experienced by children, youth, and families in the HWHC community.


of people from low-income, minority, and refugee households face barriers when attempting to access physical activity or recreational spaces.


of Canadians agree that parks and recreational services benefit the community and are essential to quality of life

over 60%

of people serviced by HWHC are from minority, newcomer, and low-income to medium-income households. 

Introducing a recreational space to the HWHC community,
Play4All.MertonProject will:

Provide families who face barriers to physical activity with a free and accessible recreational space to keep active

Increase accessibility to sensory-stimulating recreational spaces to persons with physical and cognitive limitations

Decrease inequalities to play and optimal physical and mental health faced by marginalized populations

Increase quality of life while empowering individuals in the HWHC community

Meet the Play4All Team 

Help us make our dream a reality

Ayssa S.

Project Manager 

I love to cook, catch up on my favourite MTV shows, and hang out near the water. When it comes to the Play4All. MertonProject, I like to spend my time helping the project grow and flourish alongside my amazing team. Play4All. MertonProject is an inspiring endeavour that has worked to empower and bring the HWHC community together in so many new ways. 

Steise B.

Project Coordinator 

I love to cook and have recently taken up yoga. My passion for the Play4AllMertonProject comes from my desire to hear the sound of the children’s laughter resonate once again while they play in a new and safe playground. 

Jamilah R.

Project Coordinator 

I joined this project because it is important for me to see my kids play in their backyard again. I am passionate about helping impoverished communities around the world. I enjoy painting, colouring, reading books and camping. I am a full-time mom to 3 boys whom I enjoy playing video games and board games. 

Sherise N.

Project Planner

I enjoy writing poetry, long walks, music and anything coconut! I was one of the first people to move into the HWHC when it was ready for occupancy and I'm proud to call HWHC my home. Growing up here allowed me to make a lifelong bond with many individuals. 

Sara K.

Project Planner

When I have free time I enjoy yoga, music and exploring new places. I was inspired to join Play4All because I love my community. Having a playground will help create stronger bonds in the community for generations to come. 

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