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A new playground would directly benefit these families and more. 

The playground was definitely one of the perks when I moved in almost twenty years ago! I had one small child then, followed by two more shortly after. What I can distinctly say is, I clearly remember the playground bringing many of the neighbours together, their children together and it was always filled with laughter. It is something I truly miss, especially now with having another little one running around.

Stacy T

As a new member of the Merton st building, I believe a playground is essential for the children coming up in this community. Having lived here for the past year and a half, I’ve noticed the family dynamic that is shared. With that being said, a new playground would just offer that much more growth and serenity in our own backgrounds. As a first-time mom, I’d love to know I have somewhere at home where my daughter can enjoy herself, where I can watch her play and make a lifetime of memories

Sasha D

I have lived at Hospital Workers Housing Co-operative for almost 25 years. By living here in my Co-op, I was able to go back to university and achieve my Master's degree in Theology, which helped me get a job as Hospital Chaplain at the Toronto General Hospital. My biggest achievement living in this Co-op was the ability to raise my three-month-old granddaughter, Fallon Smith, on my own with the help of many community members.  We often hear our kids tell stories about their childhood days here and the fun they had, in the playground. We definitely need our playground for all the other young children living in our Co-op, it's imperative to help and ensure our future will enjoy good members of our society.

Patrick S

Michelle & Gervasio R

To say our building park was like an extension of my apartment helped me feel like a good mother is an understatement.  Being able to find time to take your kids to the park is impossible as a mother of two children and attending full-time university. Having the playground right by our laundry room gave me the ability to multi-task. It allowed me to take my kids to the park while tackling one of the many chores I had. My two daughters used the playground on a daily basis after school. Whether with friends or just the two of them, the playground saved them from being cooped up in the apartment. It saddens me to know that my three-year-old son won’t be able to have the same experience. 

Saron A

 I believe the playground is a big part of our community and allows children not only to play in a safe environment but, fosters a strong family bond along with a strong sense of belonging.

Ron M